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Our Approach

Good quality financial planning is the key to building and maintaining a secure financial future.

At the initial meeting, we take the time to get to know you and ascertain what is of utmost importance to you.

We analyse your current situation and identify your goals.

We uncover any structural or financial impediments that prevent you from achieving your goals.

Your tolerance to investment risk will be discussed and assessed in preparation for making recommendations.

Following your first consultation, we will provide you with meeting notes, summarising our discussion and confirming your details.

We prepare a Letter of Engagement that details our fee for our services. Upon your acceptance, we start collating information and construct your strategy and portfolio Statement of Advice.

Many clients may have an existing portfolio of securities. Your portfolio will be reviewed to ensure sector and stock weightings are appropriate to your goals and objectives.

Subsequently, we will make recommendations for adjustments and construct a tailored portfolio to meet your needs.

We will meet with you again to present the Statement of Advice and our recommendations. We will prepare an Ongoing Services Agreement that will outline what we will offer you on an annual basis.

Once you accept this agreement, our team will work to implement our advice, and work with you to help to set in place our strategy recommendations.

Our investment team will execute investment transactions and keep you informed as we progress, before confirming with you when implementation has been finalised.

Every quarter, we will provide you with a Portfolio Snapshot of your portfolio valuation, performance and asset class breakdown.

Every year on the anniversary of your agreement, we will invite you for your annual review meeting where the recommended strategy and portfolio will be reviewed and presented to you.

During the year, however, our Investment Team are always looking out for opportunities in the share market to help grow your investments.

Our Team of Professionals

A team of senior strategy advisers and investment managers, focussed on you.

  • Pauline Hammer

    Pauline Hammer

    Director & Principal Adviser
  • Anna Garuccio

    Anna Garuccio

    Director & Principal Adviser

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