About Us

We are a team of senior strategy advisers and investment managers focused on you, with specialist practitioners who work to deliver the best solution that fits your lifestyle.


  • Anna Garuccio

    Anna Garuccio

    Director & Principal Adviser
  • Pauline Hammer

    Pauline Hammer

    Director & Principal Adviser
  • Marcus Padley

    Marcus Padley


The Team

  • Ally Walker

    Ally Walker

    Practice Manager
  • David Novotny

    David Novotny

    Senior Strategy Adviser
  • Amanda Brain

    Amanda Brain

    Senior Associate Adviser
  • Shaun Gort

    Shaun Gort

    Senior Strategy Adviser
  • Christine Brown

    Christine Brown

    Principal Adviser
  • Stephane Gelinotte

    Stephane Gelinotte

    Client Services Administrator
  • Sierah Swepstone

    Sierah Swepstone

  • Chris Quigley

    Chris Quigley

    Associate Adviser and Paraplanner
  • Oscar King

    Oscar King

    Associate Portfolio Management

Marcus Today Team

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Our culture is about learning and growth. It is about being valued for making a difference to the business, and to our clients. It is based on honour, trust, hard work and integrity. It is about celebrating being part of a high performing team and taking the time to recognise our successes.