Investment Process

MTIS offers a tailored and active approach to wealth management and creation. Capital preservation is paramount but we aim to generate a better-than-average return based on the amount of risk each portfolio assumes.


  • We are medium-term investors with an active overlay.
  • We are not ‘set and forget’.
  • We invest in high-quality companies, offering capital security, growth potential, or both.
  • We practice a disciplined investing approach.
  • We use multiple sources to formulate our investment strategy and approach to selecting securities.
  • We use fundamental research to identify long-term, quality companies and overlay that with technical knowledge on the timing of execution.
  • We concentrate most of the portfolio in large caps but can add tail risk (alpha) by investing in emerging companies in the ASX All Ordinaries (liquidity considerations are taken into account).

Domestic Equities

  • The portfolio will only consist primarily of ASX 100 companies (although we can consider any stock in the All Ordinaries) and we will be mindful of index weights in the ASX 200, i.e., we will take active bets at a sector level.
  • We use ETFs and Fund Managers to gain cost-effective exposure to themes and sectors and/or to generate outperformance.
  • No company holding will be more than 10%.
  • Smaller company holdings will take into account liquidity constraints.
  • Franking credits are important, and we will endeavor to maximise benefits to investors.

The below chart outlines the process involved when investing and managing domestic equity allocations within portfolios.

International Equities

We provide exposure to international investments using active routes to market. We believe that a combination of investment strategies is suitable, whilst remaining conscious of index rebalancing, portfolio manager track record and cost.

When reviewing managed investments, some of the considerations include:

  • Long term performance history and consistence of returns;
  • Management expertise and tenure of management;
  • Investment process including flexibility of mandate;
  • Cost;
  • External ratings.

Fixed Interest

We utilise an allocation to fixed interest within our portfolios with the intention to generate a better overall risk-adjusted return via securities offering strong income yields and franking credits. When gaining exposure to fixed interest assets, we use a combination of exchange-traded alternatives (such as hybrids) offering tax-effective income as well as “best of breed” bond managers offering exposure to overseas government and corporate markets. The manager selection process follows is similar to that of managed international equity portfolios.

Cash/Term Deposits

  • Unlike larger fund managers we are not constrained by cash levels and can elevate cash levels if the risk of capital destruction is evident or forecast.
  • We are not paid to hold cash. Clients can do that themselves but short term it can be a useful risk management tool.
  • We constantly review rates offered by various institutions to maximise the income received on term deposits.