Our Services

Strategic Advice

To identify and meet your own financial goals, you need an adviser who is able to listen to you; one who is a leading professional to design your personalised strategy tailored around your own wealth aspirations.

Our team of senior Strategy Advisers are specialists in the areas of super, tax planning, retirement, insurance, aged care, family office, intergenerational wealth transfer and estate planning, who strive to deliver the best solution that fits our clients.

With ever changing superannuation rules, it is vital that you have specialists who know your situation and can provide you with sound advice to ensure you are maximising your potential to accumulate your retirement wealth.

So that you can meet your desired level of income in retirement, we provide a tailored and detailed strategy to ensure that your assets and income streams are structured appropriately. We will ensure that you are able to generate an income stream in retirement, so you can meet your lifestyle goals after you cease employment.

We analyse your protection needs and provide the most appropriate risk control and insurance management solutions for you. This cover may include: Key Person Insurance, Business Cover (including Buy/Sell arrangements), Life Insurance, Total & Permanent Disability Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Disability Income Insurance, Income Protection and Salary Continuance.

Investment & Portfolio Management

Our Investment Team, headed up by Marcus Padley, conducts comprehensive stock analysis research each day, to provide our private wealth clients with proactive portfolio management, coupled with a low cost direct share execution, clearing and settlement process. We can also offer these services as “execution only” or as part of our ongoing portfolio management services.

As an “Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Accredited Listed Product Adviser”, our Advisers are authorised to provide advice on listed shares and securities on the Australian Stock Exchange based on recommendations from independent research and execute trades directly with the ASX.

Our approach to portfolio construction recognises the complex nature of investment markets, and the vast array of structures, vehicles and investments which may be utilised to meet our clients’ investment and lifestyle objectives.

We utilise an extensive range of direct and managed assets, including; Direct shares, Listed investment companies, Hybrid securities, Fixed interest, Alternative investments, Private equity and Direct property.

Our aim is to achieve an outcome that will perform well in most market conditions and that will be competitive relative to benchmarks, indices and competitors, over the longer term.

We take a core and satellite approach to managing our client portfolios and segregate the available universe of investment opportunities into three key areas:

  • Direct securities
  • Consistent income securities
  • Managed investments

Within each of these key areas, we have constructed what we refer to as a “core portfolio” of holdings. These securities and funds represent what we consider to be the best in class offering for each category. This core portfolio is tightly monitored by our team, so our entire advisory team is conversant with all aspects of the securities within it. We track all media and broker information on our core stocks and capture these in discussions with the team on a daily basis. Our clients will be allocated securities from the core portfolio based on their risk profile and income or growth requirements.


SMSF Administration & Advice

We are a team of leading professionals who have many years’ experience establishing and managing Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) for our clients. Having worked through our own self-managed super funds, we know the process intimately. We understand the legalities and regulatory requirements to make the most out of this sector. We can advise you on whether a SMSF suits your needs and will help your personal wealth program.

If you choose to manage your own fund, it is important you understand the responsibilities placed upon you, the trustees of regulated funds today. We understand the complexities of the current and forever changing superannuation legislation and offer specialist advice and assistance in this area, carefully guiding you to a successful SMSF strategy.

We provide comprehensive ongoing administration services to you through our internal administration system and software. You will have on line access 24/7 where you can view a simple portfolio valuation updated daily or many more comprehensive and detailed reports are at your fingertips.

Pauline Hammer, Anna Garuccio, Amanda Brain, David Novotny and Shaun Gort are distinguished as reputable specialist SMSF Advisers within the financial services industry. All of our Strategy Advisers have achieved the highest possible level of education and experience required by the Self-Managed Super Fund Association for admission as Specialist Members of the SMSF Association.

Specialist Areas

Our team’s expertise extends to more complex areas of financial planning such as Aged Care, Asset Succession, Redundancies and Divorce.

Family Office is a holistic advisory service designed for clients with an established high net worth and those looking to grow their wealth. Considering your individual values and aspirations, it embraces unique family scenarios and deals with the full spectrum of wealth management issues, including family governance, inter-generational wealth transfer, investment mandates and philanthropic activities.

For many older Australians, the time will come when they need to move out of their homes and into an aged care facility. One of the most important questions to answer is what to do with their family home? Should it be retained or sold and how will this impact their personal situation?

Our specialist Accredited Aged Care Professional TM Advisers work with you and your family to design a reassuring and effective advice, accommodation and care strategy for elderly family members. An Estate Plan considers all your assets, including those held in family trusts, businesses and superannuation funds. It considers asset protection for future beneficiaries of your estate and attempts to minimise the tax consequences upon your death and into the future for your beneficiaries.

Estate planning is an essential component when considering the establishment of a structured and meaningful asset distribution. We focus on protecting and increasing the value of the estate so that the eventual transfer is fast, tax-effective, uncomplicated and in line with your wishes.

We prepare an Estate Planning Strategy Paper which articulates your current circumstances and provides your legal advisor with a clear and comprehensive summary of your assets and liabilities and an understanding of your intentions.

Our team is experienced in dealing with the particular needs of people who come to live in Australia as well as Australian citizens who live and work abroad. Given the complexity and variety of different countries’ tax laws, we can provide you specialist advice specific to your individual circumstances.

We provide advice on transfer of overseas superannuation; pension assets; relocation strategy advice and tax efficient repatriation of funds to and from Australia.

Negotiating your way through a divorce is not easy and you need the support of those you can trust. Your solicitor will give you legal support. You also need someone to support you through the financial issues you are about to face. The earlier you understand the financial impact on your personal circumstances from split of marital assets, the better decision you can make.

In the event of a divorce, we prepare a Strategy Paper which outlines the proposed split of assets and the impact on your circumstances including, income, property, wealth protection and a review of your estate planning requirements. The overall outcome is an optimal structure and splitting of assets.

A genuine redundancy payment is one received by an employee aged less than 65 years who is dismissed from employment because their position has become genuinely redundant.

We provide personal advice which is tailored to your specific needs and ensures you the most appropriate structure and strategy for management of termination payments and redundancies.

We analyse the detail of the redundancy pay-out and provide you an Employment Separation Strategy Paper which outlines the impact on your future income, level of debt if any, superannuation and future cash-flow to meet living expenses.

We have significant experience in the advice and management of Defined Benefit across a variety of industries whether they be public servants or super members with corporate defined benefit plans.

Our expertise includes Commonwealth public sector super funds such as CSS, PSS, DFRDB, MSBS; Victorian public sector schemes – ESSS, New Scheme, Revised Scheme; NSW public sector schemes – SSS, SASS, First State and Qsuper.

We also help many private sector employees navigate the complexities of corporate defined benefit plans. If you’re a public servant or have a private sector defined benefit super account, we can help you with:

  • Tax-effective strategies to maximise your defined benefit scheme.
  • Transition-to-retirement strategies
  • Maximising investment opportunities
  • Assessing a potential redundancy
  • Setting up a self-managed super fund
  • Transferring to the state public service or private sector
  • Protecting your family’s income and assets from the unexpected
  • Passing your assets to your loved ones in the most tax effective manner.

Accounting Services

We work with a fully integrated SMSF solution to provide an end-to-end service to our clients which includes the establishment of an SMSF; administration; management, reporting and lodgement of the SMSF tax return eliminating the need for third-party software integration.

On a daily basis we are able to monitor and track:

  • Minimum and Maximum pensions
  • Concessional contributions caps
  • Non-concessional contributions caps
  • TBARS and NOI
  • Capital Gains Tax positions
  • Instant member balances include Investment value
  • Daily income allocation
  • Daily transactions
  • Investment Policy Statements (investment Strategy)

We engage an independent SMSF specialist and registered ASIC approved Auditor whose role is to carry out a financial and compliance audit of the fund’s operation. The Auditor will provide an opinion on the status of the fund, including a professional assessment of the Fund’s compliance. Sorting and lodgement of the SMSF tax return eliminating the need for third-party software integration.

We can assist our clients and their families with the preparation and lodgement of individual tax returns.

Our fundamental purpose is to teach, lead and inspire our clients to achieve their financial goals.